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Our Tips for live Tweeting Success

Twitter and also other social media’s here and now real time aspect means that there is a myriad of opportunities and chances for brands out there. Twitter however truly stands out as the real king of the here and now and

live tweeting

can be something that significantly complements a business’

marketing strategies

. So, let’s take a look at how to really hit a home run with your real time

live tweeting



Twitter Hashtags
Obviously, the hashtag is at the centre of your live tweeting attempts and the key to finding, engaging and discussing a certain topic. It’s a necessity to tag with a hashtag during live tweeting, so how do you find the best one?

Well, research as you may have guessed is central to success. Simply, check what other people are using as the hashtag for the particular event – this is generally a good way of gauging common hashtags. Even common events may not have the


you perceive. For instance #Oscars may in fact be a lot less popular than #Oscars2013.

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Engage the Crowd

Engage the Crowd
Engagement is at the centre of social media success and the same is the case for live tweeting. Engaging people through Favourites, RT and other aspects of the

social media

site will get people interested.

There is nothing that succeeds more in

social media

than a credible and honest attempt at engagement. In return these people will often wish to hear your insights on the common topic of conversation and this may earn you some shares, RTs and follows too.

Live means Live

Live means Live
Remember that the operative word in live tweeting is ‘live’. Too many people just offer updates and not the full

live experience

. The live experience should be everything from quotes, images, live commentary and video shares. It’s the little bit extra that will turn you into a force in the live tweeting arena.


Your live tweeting attempts will be far more likely to be a success if you are tweeting across a range of social media networks beforehand to inform your current audience. This will of course, increase the opportunity of participation from those you are currently connected with. So, tweet prior to the event to inform people you will be live tweeting, add a few Facebook posts and perhaps a blog or video on your site too.


If you decide to live tweet regularly you may even come to the point that people will expect nothing more from you. This often means that people will come to expect you as the live tweeter in a particular area and you’ll be the automatic go to person for live twitter commentary. This in turn leads to a range of benefits and all sorts of engagement opportunities for your brand.

Live tweeting is a fantastic way to engage people and help you establish yourself as something a little different from others in your area. Just follow our tips, be rigorous in your attempts and prepare well beforehand and you’ll be most of the way there.

Cormac Reynolds is a social media writer and a lover of all things technology and also enjoys the great outdoors. He’s worked for http://mysocialagency.com/

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