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Audio visual Conferencing for Companies



you can send multimedia messages and engage in speech conversation over the internet. Purchasing a


unit can increase your company’s turnover and decrease expenses. A


unit is ideal for holding

conference calls

. To find out how your business will benefit from using


just read this article. You can call or send messages to other individuals with


(Voice over Internet Protocol).

No Travel Costs

According to research, all commercial meetings can take place via


. It is almost like having the person you’re calling in the room with you, that’s how much


quality has improved in recent years. Some businesses have found it difficult to sustain profitability given the recent difficult economic situation. Expenses and the salary of the employees will need to be covered by your company along with the travelling costs. When you add up these costs over the course of a year, it will normally always be cheaper to purchase a


unit. It will pay for itself almost immediately by the savings your company will make on travelling alone.

Improved Productivity

Improved Productivity
Once we can see the individual we’re speaking to, naturally better communication will occur. Communication can decline when colleagues are operating in different locations.

These days most


systems are capable of audio-visual calls. Jobs are finished quicker in business when there is good communication. Communication has a higher chance of being misinterpreted if we are unable to see the individual we’re speaking to.

Generally phone and e-mail are not the best ways to communicate at clarity isn’t available at all times. A


unit will allow decision to be made quicker and therefore your business’s productivity will be improved. Voice conversations alone make it hard to know what mood the person you’re talking to is in.

Better Recruitment

Better RecruitmentWith


can get record interview providing the applicant has given you permission. This can be extremely handy as if the candidate doesn’t have the qualities you’re looking for; you don’t have to waste your time inviting them to your office.

The interview can also be played back to other managers if you are unsure about any of the candidates.

Staff Retaining

Staff will be more likely to stay with your company if you allow them more time at home. Getting the balance between work and home life is essential in any company. However, a study revealed that 84% were dissatisfied with their balance. It also revealed that people leave their jobs mainly due to the commute they face every day to get to the office. Companies can end up paying a lot for business phones. Free calls are available on



Competitive Benefit

Competitive Benefit
Research has shown we are less likely to trust people if we can’t see them. Therefore, the way forward in business may be to incorporate video into calls.

People are now commonly using Skype to call others. Therefore, to gain the competitive benefit, your business may have to start experimenting with video.

Ecological Initiatives

Ecological InitiativesAs your company’s travel requirements will be reduced then you will also be decreasing the carbon footprint of your company. Using a


system can also be used on a Corporate Social Responsibility report. If you’re buying a


system, keep these points in mind:
      • A broadband connection is required to access all the features
      • What place you will be storing it in
      • The number of people that will need to access it

This item was written by Brian Madden; Online Publicising Assistant at Crown Telecom. I frequently write about technology and things about the communications trade.
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