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Word Press with the Help of SEO

Word Press, Effective for Blogging, But…

As we all know

Word Press

is the most effective blogging platform today. This also involves getting a lot of SEO optimization from this software alone. SEO allows for your blog to get noticed with the use of Word Press. This is easy because Word Press does it all for you with its extensive functions and flexibility. You are sure to have your blog in the top pages of the

search engines

. Your blog`s relevance becomes first in line with the search engines and you need not worry any more about having traffic in your site.

Content is the foremost important thing to consider in bringing your blog in Word Press up to par. Create relevant content and the rest would follow with ease and continuity. You may think of keywords to get up there on the top of the engine, you may think this is the most important thing. You may think of search engine visibility through these keywords which look unnatural in the sites. But this is not so. According to Google`s quality guidelines the most important thing is to have very good content, to have your audience in mind first and foremost before anything else, beyond keywords etc.

Genesis Framework for <a href=WordPress" border="0">

Unnatural Keywords

Unnatural Keywords
The title should be catchy and good enough to reach the top of the list. It must make you think keywords are the answer. Keywords are awkward and unnatural when used as a title catching technique. The best way to do it is to use related match keywords instead of exact match key words. Google is now using Latent Semantic Indexing which allows for related match keywords. Actually Google would penalize anyone who peppers their title with exact related keywords. This is called over –optimization.

Don`t get us wrong but keywords still play a big role in the search engine optimization. It is still keyword which allows your search engine to recognize what you want to raise up in content. It` s key words that are needed and written down in meta tags, links, the title. So it would be best to still know what key words would work for you. You would do well to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. The best thing to know is to use keywords in the title in a natural way. Keywords should be used in the first, middle and last paragraph. LSI keywords should be used all throughout the body of your work.

Its ok use to use exact match keywords but do not over do it. It`s called keyword stuffing and to use it over and over again in your blog is wrong. It may be considered spamming and will be penalized by the search engines.

Optimize your tags. You may do well by giving good descriptions of what your content is all about. It may not be used much anymore but it could still help to create good descriptive tags. Placing keywords in the proper way in your tags is the perfect thing to do. It helps to give relevance to your


which the reader will recognize and be interested in. Also, since you are using

Word Press

you would do well to utilize SEO plug-ins. This helps pare down your SEO efforts.

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