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Top Five reasons of Conflict between the Developers and Testers

Test-Driven JavaScript Development

Software Development is a complex and complicated process, which involves the interaction and collaboration of different individuals. The most notable individuals include software test engineers, software developers, business analysts and system analysts. However, due to the pragmatic nature of the interaction and high chances of interpersonal conflict between developers and testers, Im listing down the major reasons behind these conflicts. I have 5 years of experience as tester in a Software Testing Company and the points discussed below are solely related to my own experience and work. Viewers may have different point of view regarding the topic.

Conflict between the Developers & Testers

An interpersonal conflict between a tester and developer is inevitable because of many reasons:

1. The stress and the high pressure caused by the strict deadline set by the management, to impress the clients by completing the project in a much shorter time, than it would normally take is a most prominent reason that could result in an out busting of conflict between the two.

2. Previous studies used to state testing as a last step in the software development cycle. However, as the recent studies reveal testing as a more practical and pragmatic practice that should take place just after initiating the development process, it increases the interaction and poses greater chances of conflict between the developer and the tester.

3. The difference in the job functionality between the two can also result in an interpersonal conflict. Primary responsibility of the developer is to maximize efficiency by getting the work done using the resources smartly, whereas the most desired responsibility of the tester is effectiveness, i.e. to ensure quality when delivering the end product. The difference between the job functionality and the goals of the two can automatically lead to a clash.

4. The difference in the level of experience can also result into a clash or conflict. Mostly, highly experienced developers work with the less experienced testers and the difference in the opinion and the different perceptions of the two regarding the organization can outburst the clash. Most of the testers have issues regarding job securities and self-esteem, as most organizations give more importance to the developers and to stay and prove themselves, testers have to work and exert more.

5. Another possible reason of the conflict can be the difference in the personality attributes and mental process of the testers and the developers. Most of the developers become too protective when testers identified a defect or flaw in an application, coded by them. Moreover, the main focus of the tester is to fulfill the user requirements, while developers are looking at it from the perspective of technical requirements. These differences can also lead to a clash & conflict between the two in an organization.

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Azam Rasheed Aug 19, 2013 at 13:50
Another factor that raise the conflict between two parties is, that developer is more concern about the area in which he/ she is fixing the issue and don`t bother about the ripple effects it may cause to other product features. Whereas the tester is concern about the whole product not a limited piece of code/ feature. e.g If a tester reports an issue in one area of application and due to developer`s fix another area of the application regress then as per tester that issue declared NOT Fixed and in developer`s point of view the issue reported in the defect is fixed so it must be declared fixed and for other regression issue a separate defect should be open.

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