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How to Overcome Google Penalty?

Recently Google has started penalizing websites that are making use of SEO practices, which go against their norms. By making use of algorithmic filters, Google searches websites, which are building links unethically and penalizing those sites resulting in a sudden drop in their SERP ranks.

How would you know whether you’re being penalized by Google?

Simple! If your website ranked on the first page of Google, a good few weeks back, and now if you suddenly find that your website is nowhere to be seen on SERPs or not even in the second search result page, then most certainly you have been penalized. Getting penalized by Google doesn’t mean you should stop thinking further about your website, and leave it as it is! There are several ways of overcoming a Google penalty.

Google Penalty

1. Check the back links to your site through Link Detox, an awesome link audit tool, Google’s very own Webmaster Tools, Majestic SEO or Ahrefs Site Explorer to have a look at all the portals that link to yours. Take a note of any fishy back link, which you think is the reason for your site being a victim of Google`s penalty. It is very important to come up with an appropriate and engaging content of your signage. Digital content includes all the design and display on the screen like texts, vides, pictures, audio, and animations. The success of your digital signage relies on the content that can easily catch the attention of your target consumers.

2. Check your link quality and ensure that the links have a good rank in Google. Make a note of whether these links are spam or are strong links.

3. Take a close look at the anchor text density. If you see it is more than twenty percent, then without any hesitation you can come to the conclusion that it is because of this that Google has penalized your website. So, if the anchor text density is quite high, always make sure to dilute the text density and add new links by making use of different anchor texts.

4. Analyze the link ratios to ensure they are not skewed. If there are several links from article directories, that might cause a problem. Too much of links to your home page from third party sites may result in Google penalizing your website.

5. Contact low quality sites that has linked to your portal and ask them to delete that link right away. Make sure to file your efforts vividly.

6. Start building quality back links that have been natural anchor texts; this is important for the success of SEO. By doing this you can be sure about one thing, you are not going to receive Google penalties.

7. Disavow low quality links.

7. File a re-inclusion appeal to Google if you do not see any kind of improvement even after disavowing low-quality links. Continue to disavow the low-quality links; if there is no improvement, you need to file another re-inclusion request. Sometimes you may need to take 5-6 attempts to make sure Google responds to you.

8. Build natural, unearned, and high-quality links through unique and high-quality write-ups. This will help you to rank your site high in Google SERPs and undo the damages done by Google`s penalty. Since you may have disavowed spammy or low-quality back links, you will need to replace them with good-quality links.

A penalty from Google may seem to be a death sentence to website owners, but it is something you can overcome. Several sites, which were penalized by Google have already regained their lost search page ranks in Google by following the above-mentioned tips. You need not to be an exception!

Davis Miller works in professional seo services company india. He loves to share his thoughts on SEO and SMO, internate marketing etc.To know more about SEO services, visit

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