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Radar Detectors: The best of the high end detectors

As many people have found out radar detectors come in a variety of flavors, some are good, some are awful. With so many to choose from its hard to weed through the advertisements and get at the root of the question. It may not be as difficult as it sounds though, while there are tons of cheap knock offs, there is only a handful of quality, high end detectors suitable for the average user.

Radar Detectors

High end detectors $500-$1700

In this category, we have the best among the best; anything in this price range should give you plenty of protection under most circumstances. The big names in this range are the Escort Redline, Beltronics STI-R Plus, Escort 9500ix, and Escort 9500ci.

Escort 9500ix

The Escort 9500ix soaring in at $499.95 retail its the cheapest Escort radar detector with GPS lockouts built right in. Showing excellent sensitivity and combing GPS features into a single package makes this a top pick for all walks of life. Not only is it great for detecting radar, but it also detects photo cameras, and speed cameras before its too late.

Escort Redline

If the 9500ix is not high end enough for you, you can always move up to the more sensitive Escort redline. With the longest range of any windshield mounted detector the Redline holds it #1 spot as king of the windshield mounts delivering impressive long range detection. Coupled with its spec display mode allows you to easily differentiate false alerts from a real threat.

Beltronics STI-R Plus

If youre looking for a more stealth install, then look no further than the Beltronics STI-R Plus. Unlike typical radar detectors, it does not get stuck on the dash, or windshield. With extreme long range, remote installation, and GPS lock outs this makes it one of the top of the line detectors on the market. This is the perfect detector for convertibles, or high-crime areas where you want everything hidden and put out of the way from prying eyes.

Escort 9500ci

The Escort 9500ci is much like the STI-R Plus, being remote mounted, long range, and having GPS lock outs. The big difference between these two units though is the included ZR4 laser jammers, many police use police laser today and not just radar. The Escort 9500ci is the single go to package for complete protection, offering excellent radar, and laser defenses.

What if we cant afford those?

There are of course dozens of other options, but if you want a similar detector with GPS lockouts, I would go buy Beltronics Pro 500 with a Rogue Mount. This would give you a clean mirror mount install keeping it off your windshield, and save you some money while having the great ability to lock out false alarms.


There are only a few kings in the radar detector industry in the super high end price range. However, a lot of features can be had in a slightly cheaper package with minimal given up in return. The high end detectors are better, but many detectors will suffice on your daily travels.

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