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How Webcasting Makes For Great Solution To Your Online Outreach

Popularity of webcasting grows larger every day. It follows up with growing demand for quick, reliable and, in the first place, quality way of presentation in cases where lecturer and audience are physically separated.


Webcast makes for fit solution to occasions with limited budget too adding reasons to its popularity. Online presentations, lessons and webinars make for cheaper events when compared to their realistic-environment counterparts. Webinars are having their largest expansions nowadays, ever since this term was the first registered back in 1998.

Read on to find out how webcasting technology may serve as ideal solution to your online outreach.

How Do I Start

Once you have decided to outreach, the best way to start with would be to follow your standard-presentation routine.

The very first thing would probably imply finding platform to support your webcast. Unless you run your own servers that provide and support webcast of wider proportions, you will need a company to cooperate with.

This should be no problem as there is increasing number of companies that offer webcast service. Make contact, explain them your requests and detail-out all the conditions.

Webcasting Presentation

Preparation process is no different than the one you have done for your fellow students or work colleagues. If you are not experienced in live on-screen presentations like webinars, lessons etc. then you should prepare properly. Make sure you rule the topic outstandingly, pay attention to wording – make it interesting.

Unlike desktop presentations, webcasting outreach will not always provide chance to interact with your audience properly. As a lecturer, you have absolute control over the presentation, thus its content has to be superb and of exceptional quality, with plenty of interaction and illustrations to make the presentation as interesting as possible.

Pros & Cons

When it comes to accessories, online outreach is not demanding. It takes no more than a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet and Internet connection. Once your audience is connected, presentation may start. Regards the expenses they are far lower than it would be if you have organized such event in a hotel for example. That’s a great thing isn’t it?

It is also a double-bladed sword. Think twice and you will realize you completely depend on that connection’s stability. In case of server crash or connection failure whole thing would not look exactly as planned.

This is where your webcasting company plays important role. Choose reputable and reliable one. Those few bucks you would save by choosing cheaper companies might be the difference between success and failure, good and bad reputation.

How Do I Interact With My Audience Online

Lots of people fail here. It takes time to feel the difference between interacting with people sitting in front of you and at the other side of the monitor. Think about the advantages you have when holding a webinar, online lessons, presentation etc. Nobody can see stick-noted on your monitor or a wall behind it. If it would make you feel more comfortable – take advantage of it. Your audience sees only what your camera shows.

Make sure you are the master of the matter. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the middle of talk. These things are pretty much the same as with any other desktop presentation. Prepare yourself properly and you will be able to interact better.

Interaction is all about how interactive your presentation is and how good you can express through words. Webcasting is mostly one-way broadcast and your audience might not be able to interact normally. Thus your conversational skills are just as important.

Make your presentation as illustrative as possible. The more images, illustrations, drawings or infographics you have – the better. Don’t run away from creating a video if possible.

Improvise and find your own way to interact with your audience. If you manage to show them something they haven’t had chance to see in standard presentations, than it is certain your online outreach will be well remembered.

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