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Why People Who Look Down On Professional Bloggers And Online Startups Are Idiots

If you are currently earning money online as a blogger or as a webmaster then credit to you. And if you`re currently earning money as a small business selling products through a website or on eBay then great. But if you`re not… then what are you doing?

The web makes it easier than ever now for us to make money online, and as long as you have an idea and you have the inclination, there`s no reason that you can`t give up your day job and start to enjoy a life sitting in bed typing on the computer. If that doesn`t sound appealing to you, and if you are looking own on the people who do have the getup and go to make their own living online… then who are you?

People Who Look Down on Professional Bloggers

Granted, many of my friends look down on what I do and say it`s not for them. These people tell me that it`s just not the lifestyle they want, and occasionally they`ll also through in an `isn`t it time you got a real job mate?` just to reaffirm their belief that they`re in the right and I`m in the wrong.

But this is what betrays their true feelings on the matter. Sure, they might not fully understand what I do, but it`s still quite clear that they`re jealous… It`s telling of course that the friend who says things like that most often also happens to be the friend who`s living at home with his Mum still and working in a supermarket.

The Alternative is Miserable…

Alternative is Miserable

So this guy is telling me (and you by extension), that we should be doing something more similar to what he`s doing? That we should be stacking shelves like we did when we were 17? Getting up at 6am most mornings, wearing a horrible supermarket uniform and hanging out with a bunch of teenagers? Getting paid pittance while some middle-aged manager gets off on telling us what to do?

I can`t quite understand that guy, but then again it`s not just him who says these things. I have a few friends who are `business types` too who spend the majority of their time in suits and who tell me that I don`t `understand the real world` because I work for myself. Dude, no one forced you to become a banker - don`t take it out on me! Does wearing a suit make you `important`, or does it make you a chump? I don`t care how much you get paid, when you stay in the office until 10pm some nights and can`t look yourself in the mirror your job is not somehow the pinnacle of where you can get to in life.

But Working Online is Amazing

Working Online

On the other hand, if you`re a blogger or if you work online in general, then you can wear what the hell you like all day every day. And you can wake up at a time that suits you and enjoy a cup of coffee while you work. You can head out to see your friends at the drop of a hat and you don`t have to beg for time off like you were still in school. We`re not children, so why should we get reprimanded like them?

Working online is nice, relaxed and free;but that`s not the reason that it`s so much more attractive to us than working in an office. When you work online you see, you are creating something of your own that you care about and that makes you proud. You have freedom to manage your own time table, but more important than that, you also have the freedom of expression in your workplace.

You also have all the responsibility of course when you`re the person solely responsible, so don`t tell me that this isn`t a `real job`. Oh well done, you have one role that you perform and can be easily replaced. Try running a business and understanding JavaScript and then talk to me… You get rewarded for being the man in charge too, because at the end of the day when you run a website you keep 100% of the revenue rather than being dolled out a set amount. And that amount can go up or down depending on the amount you work, with few other jobs could you `potentially` earn $1000 tomorrow (all it takes is a link on the right website).

So to those who look down on bloggers and webmasters, wake up and smell the coffee. You`re a dinosaur, welcome to the digital revolution!

This post has been authored by John Miller, an avid blogger who writes for Webfirm, a company providing web related services. He enjoys gardening and home brewing during his spare time.

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