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Nine blog post writing tips

blog post writing tipsHow does a web content writer writes irresistible articles? Those who pay a content writer or paid for articles know the secrets. Specialists in writing services have compiled a list of tips to help you create blogs where readers return time and time again. If you want to generate traffic then you better have something interesting waiting for viewer who invests their time in your site. With this in mind here are our top tips for writing blog posts.

Understanding your online presence is the first step towards success in business. Some common sense suggestions always hold true. For example: Remember which account you`re using. Some Twitter users post a disclaimer in their bios stating that “opinions are my own.” Unless your account is set to private, your acquaintances and fellow professionals will still see these posts. When it comes to offensive tweets, there’s no margin for error.

1. Don’t add to the driftwood

The internet is awash with clutter. Be a responsible citizen and don’t litter the highway anymore. Make your posts useful. If they are not useful then at least make them clever or entertaining. You must give some reason for the reader to return.

2. Remember the purpose of a blog

What is the purpose of a blog? Well what makes it different from other forms of written media is the ability to give an opinion. People like to see strong opinions and in turn this will get people to agree or disagree with you. The resulting comments will create a community.

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3. Don’t waste your readers time

We live in a time of information overload. How many emails do you receive a day worth reading? Cut through the spam, cut out the nonsense and padding. Treat your audience with respect and give them the relevant information.

4. Who are you writing for?

Think about your target audience and make sure whatever you write is for them. If you go for the wide scattergun approach you risk writing something so bland no-one would care to read. However avoid the opposite problem of making the blog so niche only 5 people could possibly have an interest (and they are probably writing blogs already!).

5. More time wasting

If you publish huge chunks of text then people will click away in droves. It is daunting to look at and a headache to read. Instead make the text easy on the eye by breaking in up into manageable pieces. Likewise include key words so a person scanning the text can read it with ease.

6. The first choice may not be the best

Your headline is what sells the post. It will appear in search results on the main blog front page. Come back to the headline during the article. Something may emerge that you did not originally think of. Make it as eye catching as possible. Think about those tabloid stories that have to be read all because of the insane pun of a headline.

7. The deadly sin is to be dull

If you started a blog hopefully you did so because you have an interest in the subject, maybe even a fanaticism. Let this translate into your writing. People want to see you care. Even if they hold an opposite opinion to you they want to argue with someone who has passion.

8. The never-ending story

When your reader finishes that amazing post make sure they don’t leave. Link in any relevant articles, give them the option to comment on the post or interact in some other way. You want them to remain on the page for as long as possible. The more time they spend on your page the more likely they are to engage with your work.

9. Get real

Get real through telling stories that speak to human emotions. People love to be entertained but they also love to learn and hear about the human conditional. The most popular genre of movie is drama for a reason. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination to get a narrative or characters running through your blog.

Maybe the key tip we can offer is practice. No-one starts off doing all of this perfectly, however the more you write the better you get. Happy blogging.

Author Bio

This blog post is written by Chrissty, she is an expert and experienced EBook writer.

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