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Know about DMS and what its future in website designing

Apps are becoming more and more popular with every day that goes by, but that doesnít mean people are not using classic websites anymore. In fact, a sophisticated web presence is a necessity for all businesses out there; whether weíre talking about the gift shop around the corner or, one thingís for sure: todayís business canít survive without social media.

Most websites run on WordPress. People use it to generate content and itís a natural choice as far as setting up a webpage is concerned. Like other content management systems it uses ďthemesĒ to create layouts, colors, and fonts. The great thing about WordPress is that you can easily personalize your website, modify the themes or choose a new design to give your page a total makeover and make it stand out.

DMS and what its future in website designing

WordPress tries to be more accessible by relying on convention rather than configuration. For instance, if you create a blog or you work on a well-crafted site, youíll be able to use various ready-made themes and layouts. These can be found effortlessly and will provide your page with a cool look in no time. But if you want to be more original and avoid WordPress conventions, youíll get lost. A professional developer may be able to build a WordPress website from scratch with no problems. Yet, if youíre trying to do this on your own and youíre not very experienced, the process will immediately become expensive, annoying, and time consuming. Donít you hate WordPress now?

Web design made easy

PageLines introduced a new and sophisticated product aimed to help people. The Design Management System, or DMS for short, might be the answer to all your problems. The system must be installed in WordPress like a random theme and then you can start building your site. DMS will create a special interface which will help you design your pages. It will convert the building of a WordPress website into a front-end experience. The system offers visual feedback during the process, decreases the overall creation time, and prevents you from overlooking important details.

Design Management System

DMS is part of a bigger trend to make web design more declarative and segmental. For instance, Googleís JavaScript web app framework allows users to introduce various data variables into the HTML element theyíre related to. Brackets, the open-source editor running on Adobe permits you to view scraps of linked files connected to a pre-established HTML element. Similarly, while using DMS you will have permanent and immediate access to the setting of a particular page element that is directly connected to the element found in your browser.

Nevertheless, itís important to understand that you need to be specialized in using WordPress in order to take full advantage of this system. If youíre an amateur website designer or if you rarely use WordPress, DMS might not be suitable for you. Then again, if you use WordPress daily and you frequently stumble upon its flaws, you need to get DMS now. You will be surprised of how easy and pleasant building a websites can be.

Design System

Great advantages of DMS

One of DMSís main advantages is that it was built especially for WordPress. It features various built-in components, sections, and plug-ins, plus it offers lots of interesting themes. It can be purchased from the PageLines store. You should also know that the PageLines store is integrated in the DMS interface, thus it will be really easy for users to acquire the components they need. DMS constituents are extremely attractive, functional, and can be reused in a several different contexts.

Developers struggle to offer their clients the best things possible. Most proficient users of WordPress expect plug-ins to be fully addressable because itís an open-source platform. If you also want to alter plug-ins, youíll be glad to find out that all DMS components are editable and most of them offer back-end dashboard control too. This feature will make website designing easier and more enjoyable than ever. PageLines tried to create a new and revolutionary system that will enable developers to use WordPress easier. We can state exactly how popular and successful DMS will be, but so far itís one of the fastest and most reliable ways to build an original and wide-ranging website.

Author Bio: The article is being written by an expert writer Michael Clark. He believes in power of writing and loves sharing his view about web hosting and website designing through his articles. He works at a site providing low-cost web hosting.

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