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Game Designing: A unique combination of storytelling, engineering and art

Game Designing

A video game designer is more than just a game enthusiast, and note that you canít succeed if you donít have basic skills and proper training. Apart from creativity and determination, you also need to know about programming, hardware essentials, and video graphics. Video games are computer software programs designed not only to run a routine, but also to accept data and commands from different controllers. As a result, video designers should know everything about writing software and computer programming.

Graphics and computer animation are essential when it comes to video games, meaning that designers must have at the least the basic skills in these two areas. Graphics is related to what players see on the screen, while animation deals with bringing the background and characters of a game to life, by providing them with the ability to move. Most gamers judge video games based on the creative application of the animation and graphics, as well as on their realism.

If you want to become a video game designer, chances are you will need to have a bachelorís degree in computer engineering or computer science, along with some background experience in the field. Together with all these skills, you should also come up with your own ideas and not copy game concepts that are already existent in the marketplace. Originality is the key to successful game designing!

Functional Skills

If you want to make sure you can handle all the tasks involved in video games design, you should have rock solid problem-solving skills, whose main role is that of helping you create computer programs and get rid of whatever errors appear during the process. In other words, those who want to develop games should have expertise in computer coding and computer programming.

Most video games designers are sometimes required to create several flow charts in order to map out both the people and activities involved in the development of video games. Prior to thinking about a game designing career, make sure that youíre able to manage time and budget resources, and that you know how to operate sophisticated audio and video equipment. Besides, you should also be prepared to work with other programmers and designers.


Most employers look for video game designers that have a masterís or a bachelorís degree in computer engineering and computer science. There are various other degrees that can help you within this industry, including game programming, game software development, design animation, audio programming, software engineering, and computer modeling. Plus, applicants should know several computer programming languages, and last but not least, they should have a passion for video games.


Video game designers create and develop a virtual world crowded with visual animation, intrigue, and strategy. This means that you need to be creative enough to produce games that are not only visually appealing and thought-provoking, but also unique. Your story plot should engage gamers from all over the world and encourage them to buy new games belonging to that series as soon as they appear on the market.

Gamers are looking for intellectual, attractive and interesting characters that have to develop all kinds of different strategies to complete their challenges. If your story plot isnít dynamic enough and your characters donít manage to charm gamers, chances are your video games wonít manage to attract a large number of gamers. Game designing is like art because it smoothly combines talent with proficiency. If you have the ideas and youíre not afraid to put them in practice, just do it. Who knows, maybe you end up designing the next million dollar Temple Run?

Author Bio: Jason Phillips, a well known freelance writer and blogger, has shared this post. He is a frequent writer with interest in writing about latest technology, gadgets and games. He also runs an online gaming site for Airplane Games 365.

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