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10 Fashion Tech Startups To Look Out For

Fashion is the one of most celebrated industry world and due to technology it has even become more popular. The presence of technology within most of the issues that are related to fashion speaks volume about the growing of fashion tech startups. Fashion tech start ups lead people to access most themes, styles and trends in the industry. In this article you will find most of the fashion tech starts ups that you have to watch.

1. Reqoop:

This is a mobile app that functions like instagram; you use it to take pictures of your favorite stores and shops and share them with different people. An advantage of this app is that everyone who is involved in the fashion world including editors of fashion magazines, designers can see them and advice you on how to style or wear a particular wardrobe. You can also be referred to physical stores with a wide range of rewards and incentives where you can shop.

2. Buyosphere:

This is a fashion tech startup to watch out for. Just like the name suggest it deals with the purchases of various trending products; it helps you keep track of your shopping history. Aside from that you can also use it to find the new products in the market and know where to get them. All this is achieved via a question and answer feature.

3. Stylitics:

This functions fashion “politics”. It is an interesting fashion tech startup to watch. It allows users to be in touch with what they wear. It keeps track of what one wears, how frequent do they wear a particular wardrobe and in some cases what they like to buy. All these incentives provide a basis for market research information on big and trending brands, trending patterns and colors, the fabrics that are in and to some extent fashion dos and don’ts.

4. Stylmee:

It is like a game where you get to play with different styles and fashion trends. You can create your own boutique using this fashion tech startup and get to shop from famous and widely known designers like Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabbana among others. Luxurious and trending brands participate in it hence it improves on people styles and looks.

5. The Cools:

It is more of a social shopping platform. The main reason why it is a fashion tech startup to watch out for is because you get to follow trending and cool taste and style makers all over the world. You also get shopping recommendation that stirs up your desire to buy. It has a well known brand identity that is original and strong in the market place.

6. The Run-through:

This is a buyer to buyer platform that various fashion industries get involved in to showcase their different products to the shoppers. It involves big fashion designers, editors and stylists that participate in trafficking of style and fashion samples. It is more like online shopping or marketing.

7. Poshmark:

This is an online marketing feature that you can use to sell fashion items from your closet. All you have to do is to take a picture of the item you want to sell and upload it to the website. You can also acquire different fashion statement products using this fashion tech start up when you make purchases from others.

8. Mulu.me:

This is also considered as one of the fashion tech startup to watch out for. You get to share pictures of your favorite fashion products like shoes, jewelry and clothes among others. People get to buy the items from the pictures you shared and the money goes to a charity organization. It involves different people ranging from celebrities, to celebrated retailers, shoppers and fashion lovers at large.


It is a London-based social platform that monitors the trends. It always works for 18 months to foresee the different trends and styles and presents them in an understandable way to the people.

10. Opensky:

This is a popular fashion tech startup to watch. It is an ecommerce sites where buying and selling of different fashion products occur. You get to buy products that have been endorsed by famous and widely known people at a manageable price.

Author Bio- This post has been written by Maria Smith. She loves to write about Fashion. She recommends weddings9.com for having best collection of wedding cards.

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