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Prescription Lenses Are Just another Reason to Get Excited for Google Glass

<a href=Google Glass" align="left" hspace="5" vspace="5">One of the most talked about inventions in recent years is Google Glass. The wearable mini-computer is attracting business of all kinds. As so many people spend hours of their day on their smart phones, the hands-free device allows information to be there when you need it and ready to go when you are busy doing something else. While not in stores as of November 2013, there has been a trial run for contest winners.

As the buzz continues to build, new investors are looking to jump on the wagon by the time the product is available everywhere. The latest is Rochester Optical, which is a New York-based company who has agreed to release prescription lenses for Google Glass most likely to appear in January 2014. The company says that the lenses will be comparable to other lenses of standard eyewear. This is a big development because it will most likely draw in more customers towards the product and offer a service that was not available at the initial test run.

Record everything!

Google Glass uses a miniature display to film, take pictures, get directions, translate, and many other useful applications. The user can tell Google Glass what to either by voice commands or by the touch-sensitive bar on the frames of the device. One of the features that will be used most frequently is the five megapixel camera that can record video at 720p resolution. The battery is supposed to last for a day but that will most likely not include a lot of video recording or playback as with any smart phone. Google Glass also features about 12GB of usable storage.

It does use the Android operating system which will make it compatible with apps and other devices. As expected, the device syncs up with Google Drive allowing for quick storage and recall when needed. Bluetooth and WiFi are built in, but if you are looking for the full features of something like Google Maps it is still best to have your phone handy.

Privacy and safety concerns

Naturally, some people are worried about the new technology. Privacy is one of the bigger concerns many people have; they are worried that the ability to take pictures from glasses without anyone knowing can create some uncomfortable moments. Google will continue to make it noticeable when the device is being used and mentions that it is not very different from someone taking a photo or video from a smart phone. Another concern that has come up is that if the device is used when someone is behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle. It is important to remember to be safe and that you should always focus on the road and not on any electronic device.

New technology and new markets

As the technology continues to improve and the hype continues to grow, businesses are looking for ways to market themselves on this new technology. Website developers will need to think of a new way to market their product on Google Glass and other devices that are likely to follow (Microsoft and Apple are rumored to be developing similar products). As a business owner, youll need to think of ways to create your own website optimized for this new platform. More businesses will be looking towards professional web developers who have a better handle on developing websites for new technologies, similar to the way they did when smart phones were a new technology. New technologies create a new way for businesses to market to consumers. If the price of this new device isnt extremely expensive, more businesses are likely to get behind the product.

Google Glass is clearly an innovative idea that has the potential to change the everyday lives of many people. Allowing smart phone apps and features to be used without using your hands is getting people very excited about this device. Businesses of all kinds are now looking to invest in the technology and take electronic devices to the next level. With advancements like this consumers and businesses are excited for the future of technology.

Author Bio

This guest-post was written by David Kovacs who is an online marketing enthusiast from Hungary and loves to share his thoughts and articles on various channels in topics related to marketing, business and SEO. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

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