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How To Make Your Work Worth A Read?

Writing is no joke. Its hard to deny the dearth of good writers in todays world. Keeping on that note, its seemingly difficult to define the essence of writing which actually is the driving force that binds every wordsmith out there. No matter how good you write, it has to carry some weight, some elements that actually makes it read-worthy. Heres a deep insight into what makes your work worth a read.

The thought process

What you think and how you think has a lot to do as it reflects directly on the paper. In other words, thoughts about the subject matter demand an organized approach; a symmetry that willfinally guide and govern you towards penning down a great piece. Remember, its not what you write but how you write and behind everything else there is your thought process which imparts the right kind of essence to it.

Clarity and simplicity

Framing a great write up is an easy task if you know how to be clear and simple in your thoughts and research process. Knowing the subject of your write up thoroughly is very important before you actually pen down something. Know your basics right. Identify your target audience and accordingly frame your sentences. Avoid using high-bred words if not absolutely necessary. Words are like jewelry, they adorn your write up just like they do in case of women.Know the length of your write up and the type you have been asked to write. If you are writing for newspapers or magazines, you need to follow a whole different approach than you would have in case of writing a blog or an essay.

Being informative

Unless you are penning down a poetic piece or a drama, you will have to work hard on gathering the right kind of information. Readers will readily ditch your write up if there is nothing but waffle. On the other end, it wont stop them from turningpage to page of a 1000 word article, if you are making sense and sharing the right kind of information. Effective research is pulling the right and desired information from your sources which in turn makes the foundation of a great story or a decent article.

Never lose the thread

Its not very uncommon for a writer to be tangled up in thoughts which shifts his focus from holding on to the thread; especially when penning down a heavy article. No two readersare same. However, none would appreciate to continue reading your piece if you are shifting focus from the key element and beating around the bush too much. No matter how big or small you choose to write, always try to glue your thoughts to the key element. It not only helps the readers to keep up but it also depicts your command over a string of thoughts weaved into a skillful write up.

Quality check

This is perhaps the toughest part of all. Self-evaluation is a process where most of us fail to spot flaws in our own write up. Repeated readings in between the lines where one or more ideas have been conveyed, is a good way to spot your shortcomings or mistakes. Polish your write upat the end and replace words or expressions where necessary. Picture yourself in the shoes of a reader. Would you continue reading right after the first line? If not, it probably demands a rework, right from the start.

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