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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Google plus

Social networks are essential platforms for businesses. They are really going to boost your marketing potential and help you reach out for customers. One of the most misunderstood social media platforms today is Google+.

Although the user numbers aren’t anywhere near platforms like Facebook this is still one of the most important platforms for businesses. Here are five reasons that should convince your business to join up with Google+.

1. Better Brand Awareness

With the Google+ profile you are able to build much better brand awareness for your business. The different communities that you can join make it easier for you to reach out to your customers in just the way that you want to.

There are plenty of good tips for creating a good brand image with Google+ at this Mashable article. It is worth reading it and taking the key points into use in your own business.

2. Great Search Listing

You might have noticed that when you search some companies on Google their information comes up on the right side of the browser in a really great format. This is all due to Google+ profile.

It really helps people see the main points of your business in an instant. You can also include images to this listing view and thus make the profile even more appealing.

3. Gives Your Authorship

Google+ is also going to be an essential tool in improving your SEO practises. This is mainly down to the authorship option that it provides for users. What this authorship means is that you can take ownership of all the content you share on the internet.

And if you have a blog, as you should, this authorship can have a huge boost for your business.

Although Google doesn’t admit it, but it is quite clear that they would favour their own social media platform over the other platforms. This would mean that all content you provide with the Google+ authorship would automatically rank higher in search engines than content that doesn’t use it.

4. Proper Integration

Google has a large set of different platforms and tools it now provides. Google+ is really useful in keeping all of these different platforms integrated and organised. For instance, keeping your Youtube profile up to date is a lot easier once you also have a Google+ profile.

Google Places is important for SEO as well and optimising this is an essential thing for boosting local sales. It is very easy to share events and occasions that your business might have once you have Google Places integrated with Google+.

Integration like this makes it much easier to keep your information up to date and lets you focus on keeping the business running smoothly.

5. Review Benefits

You also must take advantage of the Google review option. Having a well-kept Google+ profile together with reviews can help you gain a lot higher ranking in the search engines. It can also encourage people to view your business in a different light.

It is very likely that people search for reviews these days before making a purchasing decision and thus you want to focus on getting a good rating. 

Robert is interested in social media and different social media platforms. He likes to read more about how businesses and freelancers can use these platforms for their own benefit. He is also a really big fan of darts.

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