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Why iPhone developers have more market demand?

What the survey shows?

The unparallel boom of the mobile applications is primarily due to the fact that the apps have far gone beyond the scope of customer enjoyment and excitement. The corporate players have been using this tool to market their brand vigorously, owing to the fact that almost all of their target market customer atleast own one smart phone device. The survey of Appcelerator and IDC depict that developers are more inclined towards business related apps than the education or other customer-based apps, as business apps have shows quicker rate of return of the investments.

The survey also reports that iPhone market still enjoys the maximum number of apps in their app store than the other operating systems of Android and Widows. iPhone Application Developers have been found to have higher pay scale and market demand than the Android and Windows developers. One reason that contributes to this high demand is that iPhone apps are generally more intricate and requires more time. Furthermore, the present booming market of iPhoneS and iPhoneC has also contributed in the increased demand of apps, and for that more application developers are required.

The iPad Push

Another fascinating fact that the report underlines is that iPad is the current buzzword of the telecommunication industry, and Apple particularly is very determinant and positive for the marketing and boosting of the iPad sales. One reason that can be addressed to this fact is that iPhone has just everything that people would want from a phone. It has internet, camera, thousands of applications and other features to keep users busy. For this reason, if the iPad sales have to grow, it should have something that is not present in the iPhone.

The only thing that the company has been able to figure out so far is special applications that are not supported by the iPhone. Therefore, the ongoing search is of such iPhone Application developers that can introduce something using the iOS platform, but which only functions with the Apple tablet i.e. the iPad. 81% of the application developers said that Apple is encouraging developers that can work on both Android and iOS platforms, so that iOS can have feature of both. Currently, the iPhone operating system can be termed inferior in comparison to Android on the grounds of universal compatibility.

Updated Software Development Kit

Another reason that iPhone developers are growing speedier is because Apple has been very active in upgrading its operating system. Currently the Software Development Kit (SDK) has the 4.2 version, and advancement occurs in nearly twice or thrice a year. For this reason, developers always have something new to develop with new logics and new codes. For this reason, it can be observed that all iPhone and iPad applications of 2012 are quite different in operation and functioning than the ones designed in 2013. Another room for growth for the iPhone application developers is that Apple Inc is signing new contracts with internet browser companies. Opera, one of the most popular web browsers has also introduced its Mac version. Thus, the developers now also have to take into account the compatibility of applications with the newly offered browsers.

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