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The Art & Science of JavaScript ($29 Value FREE For a Limited Time)

Become an Elite Developer and Earn Big!

Imagine for a moment that youíre one of two developers who created the game basketball. It is a mobile app game that took two developers two years of hard work to develop. With over 200,000 downloads in its early stages, this app was loved by many mobile users at that time. If that were you, you must be feeling pretty awesome, but thatís not the case here. Until you learn that these two developments will later become homeless, because they were unable to pay their home rent from their app income. A saddening situation it is, but as a result, a good lesson is learned.

So in this article, weíre going to discuss how you can create your own value so you donít end up turning into like one of those developers. You must make sure youíre getting enough income out of your app so you donít spend your life homeless.

Do you ever wonder just how much human potential fall through the cracks of our education system? We all must have heard many students who seemed to be good for nothing at that time, are now in the list of renowned personalities. Itís all about how a developer can learn faster, better, and with more fun. The D grade students feel accomplished with their grades, and try to find new ways of doing that thing. To them, standard procedures and current theories mean nothing. Letís face it, learning software engineering is hard, complex, and abstract and only creative minds can pull them off with efficiency. We need innovation and education when it comes to software engineering. In most cases, developers spend 70% of the time in learning theory, information, facts that you digest and get into your brain. And then, you only spend 20% of that course applying it, and maybe 10% in building an app.

The whole idea is that all the information and facts that you need to digest is done in much shorter and intense period of time. No, you will not understand everything or fully digest it, but you are not supposed to. The greatest values lie in the skill set that comes from empirical evidence. It comes from applying that theory, and information in the real world environment. However, not everyone learns things by doing, some learn by reading and listening. Yes, that may be true, but eventually if you want to leave having a career that is purely academic, you will have to apply that knowledge. Thatís where your value increases and people become willing to pay for that practical knowledge.

The issue is that a lot of developers are ruining it for many of us, because they are praying on the addictive capacity of their users. One of the examples could be a game that youíve got addicted to, and in order to play every level, you will buy the swords and weapons within the app. Since some are kept to be consumed, which means a weapon can only be used once, and for second use you will have to buy it again for.99 cents. Imagine the money gained out of an addictive game, itís a lot. So, make your value in the practical world, the theory will find a way to reach you.

Author Bio: This article is written by Justin Albert, a Content Developer who loves writing on various technologies and web based industries, with special expertise in App Developers, iPhone Application, Blackberry Application, Android Applications, Facebook Application. He has been actively writing in Apps industry and has been followed by thousands of tech enthusiasts.

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