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5 Java Script Libraries You Must Have in Your Tool Box

What would sound too mainstream and too overstated, but worth mentioning nonetheless, is that Java is the de facto most resourceful tool as a programming language, and as a programming platform as well. Thanks to its unwavering consistency and powerful capabilities, Java has firmly perched itself as a platform which is resorted to would be putting. From last two decades, it has helped developers shape the unlikeliest of applications and brought a new wave of digitalization in the market.

Java Script Libraries You Must Have in Your Tool Box

Now, being the powerful language that it is, it has ably been supported by a flawless code structure and a whole array of library scripts and extensions. The scripts in particular have been responsible for taking this platform`s capabilities to a whole new avenue, wherefrom it manages to dwarf all the other programming platforms quite convincingly.

The Java developers, by and large, have found this library scripts extremely useful in their endeavor to be inventive and get a free rein over dictating their applications` features. Moreover, they have also benefited from the fact that the libraries and extensions Java makes available to them reduces the need of writing convoluted programs for introducing additional features to their apps.

And thus, they are empowered to take giant leaps in advancement and boil their apps with features that haven`t made their way to the market as yet.

So, here are some of the Java script libraries that can help you, as a developer, give a fresh edge to your development endeavor and create applications that would draw maximum eyeballs, and thus, investments:


The SVG files are an indispensable part of Java projects, particularly those that have anything to do with animation. And the SVG.js is one such library that lets to make modifications to the SVG files without any fuss at all. This library can be made use of to create some of the best animations. And thanks to the robust structure of the library, and its compatibility across different devices and platform, you can also be pretty confident that it won`t throw at you compatibility or crashing during the run time issues. One of the reasons that can be amounted to its quality and responsiveness is its small size of 5 Kb. This small size does not means, however, that any compromises are made on the features.


Howler.js is one of those library scripts that stakes a serious claim of being the very resourceful and highly exploitable. It is. An audio supporting library, it is perfectly compatible with the Web Audio API. It also ensures a glitch free operation since whenever there is an exception in the audio API, Howler.js will pull you over by switching to HTML 5 Audio. Thereby, you don`t have to face issues with the compatibility of the app across different browsers and devices. As for the format of the audio files, it accepts a number of them. Also, multiple number of files can be played simultaneously. It also boasts of graphic equalizer support and certain effects.


Fully featured in terms of the UI interface, Zebra delivers some seriously good functions for you to make a boast in the application market already crowded by competition. You are given a free rein to adorn your solution with some visually appealing layouts. As iterated before, Zebra boasts of a complete array of UI components for you to choose from. Each of those are represented intelligibly in the HTML 5 Canvas for you to find them without any fuss. What makes this tool exceptionally useful is the whole array of hues and patterns that you get access to. Also, using it means that you remove all the unnecessary clutter.


This library makes it abundantly clear with its name that it serves as a tool for introducing the drag and drop feature, which it does to the user interface that you get with the jQuery. With this library, you are also equipped with a container. And whenever any event is initiated, you can deploy the callbacks you are bequeathed with by Draggability.


One of the undesirable characteristics with web pages that creeps in uninvited is the gaps that appear in web pages. And this goes a long way in reducing the sense of structure to the pages. Packery is one such tool that helps you get rid of those gaps. Making the pages much more compact and clean, Packery is one library that commands a place in your must-have tools box.

The Java inventory keeps on piling features, each of which is frequently updated to help web developers gain an unflappable control over the web development realm. These libraries are an indispensable part of that library and help you in covering all the grey areas that possibly exist in your Java development landscape.

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Peter Milar is a highly reputed writer who works as a team with the Java Software Development experts of Xicom Technologies Ltd. to create informative and full of insight posts around the Java technology. Hire Java Developers from Xicom to receive premium quality Java application development.

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