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Top 10 Android Tips and Tricks you cant afford to miss

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Nowadays, a group of annoyances tend to plague Android users all over the world. As someone who loves Android and has been using it for quite some time, you can`t afford to get distracted with these annoyances. Rather, you can choose to abide by certain tips and tricks that can aid you in making the maximum use of your smartphone offered by a few Android Application Development Company. In this post, you`ll come to know about 10 finest Android tips and tricks that can improve your experience while using your favorite Android device. So, without further adieu, let`s hope on to these 10 amazing Android tips and tricks, worth making a note of.

1. Disable the Mobile Data feature

Disable the Mobile Data feature

If you`re an Android user who doesn`t use the internet on a frequent basis, you can always choose to disable the Mobile Data feature for your smartphone. Doing this will prevent your smartphone`s battery from draining too quickly, thereby ensuring a better backup.

2. Set a specific Mobile Data Limit

Set a specific Mobile Data Limit

If you belong to the elite group of Android users who use the internet on a frequent basis then its mandatory for you to keep a track of your internet usage. Doing this will probably help you monitor your monthly mobile data limit and your internet pricing. To set a mobile data limit, all you need to do is head over to Settings-> Data Usage and set the data limit by dragging the orange line. After this, you can set your data usage cycle based on the date when the month starts and ends and when your mobile internet plan expires.

3. Disable App Notifications

Disable App Notifications

In addition to making you frustrated, app notifications can also drain your smartphone`s battery. If you don`t want to face either of the situations, it is recommended to turn the app notifications off. For this, all you need to do is long press on the notification for a message box, tap on App Info, uncheck the `Show Notifications” tab and click on “OK” button.

4. Disable Automatic App Updates feature

Disable Automatic App Updates

Automatic updates can at times, prove harmful for the smooth operation of your Android device. To prevent any such harm caused to your device, you must read through the app permissions and manually select the app updates you desire to install. For this, the very first thing that you need to do is disable the automatic app updates. You can do this by opening Play Store, heading over to Settings, tapping on `Auto-update apps” and finally choosing the option “DO not auto-update apps”.

5. Changing the default applications

By changing your default applications you can easily improve the overall performance of your Android cell phone. For this, either you can go with option of availing Android App Developer for Hire you need to go to the Settings tab, click Apps, swipe right and look for the `All` tab. Once you`re able to find this tab, select the app(s) you want to remove and finally tap on “Clear Defaults” option.

6. Disable Animations

Disabling animations for your Android device will make it run a bit smoother. Since animations consume a lot of your device memory, disabling them will make way for smoother downloading of app pages.

7. Organize your Homescreen shortcuts using folders

Organize your Homescreen shortcuts using folders

Upon installation of a large number of applications, your Android smartphone`s homescreen might get filled with app shortcuts that may distract you from performing your daily tasks. To avoid such a mess, you can choose to create folders for all the shortcuts that you`ve chosen to be displayed on the homescreen.

8. Watch out for Android system updates

Watch out for Android system updates

If you`re an Android user who`s using stock ROM, you may want to keep a watch over the new updates available for your device. For this, all you need to do is go to the Settings tab, go to `About phone/tablet`, tap on “System Updates” and finally tap on “Check now” to get a glimpse of all the system updates that are available for your device.

9. Add Multiple Google Accounts

Add Multiple Google Accounts

Android devices enable you to run multiple Google accounts. For this, all you need to do is go to Settings-> Add Account, further select `Google` and setup your New or Existing Google account. Once you`re done with setting up the Google account, choose everything that you want to sync with the respective account. Repeat the aforementioned steps for adding multiple Google accounts.

10. Turn off `Auto correction` feature

Turn off `Auto correction` feature

While texting using your Android device, make sure to turn off the `auto-correction` feature to save yourself from the frustration that crops in each time the system teaches you English.


That`s it for now from my side. Hope you`d have loved going through my post. Do opt for adopting these tips and tricks the next time you explore your Android smartphone. I`m sure your experience will be overwhelming and full of fun and excitement.

Please don’t forget to share your views/opinions on the above post, using the comments box below.

Author Bio:

Victoria Brinsley

Victoria Brinsley is a veteran technical content writer by profession and is associated with a leading Android Application Development Company. She will suggest the best to those who are looking forward to avail Android App Developer for Hire.

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