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An insight into 10 hand picked Google webmaster tools for serious bloggers

Blogging has always appeared as an enticing domain both for the writers who want to make quick money and the ones who simply want to share their views/opinions on a specific topic of interest. Blog management is something that has always been giving jitters to amateurs as well as professional writers. Thanks to the advancements in Information Technology, we now have a brilliant collection of software tools that can be used by bloggers for analyzing and optimizing their blog components in a flexible and hassle-free style.

In this post, you`ll come to know about 10 best Google webmaster tools that will allow you to do a lot more than plain optimization and analysis of the blog`s components. With these handy webmaster tools, you can easily discover the popularity of your blog in terms of social media presence, security and much more. So, without further ado, let`s get started and unveil some interesting facts about these 10 Google webmaster tools specially designed for dedicated bloggers.

Google Webmaster Tool No.1-Popuri

Webmaster Tool No.1 Popuri

Popuri is an excellent Google webmaster tool that lets you check your website`s popularity. With this tool, you can easily display all the important information pertaining to your blogging website. Some key website statistics that can be effectively checked using this tool include: Alexa Rank, Google PR, Yahoo links, backlinks received from major search engines such as Google, Bing etc. The best part of this tool is that it even enables you to get details about the total amount of Delicious bookmark received for your website/blog posts.

Google Webmaster Tool No.2-Online Link Scan

Webmaster Tool No.2-Online Link Scan

Even a pair of bad links can easily reduce the popularity of your website. In order to prevent your website from the ill effect caused due to such backlinks, it is important to trace all the suspicious links that might be buried in your website. Online Link Scan is a brilliant webmaster tool that warns you every time your website is detected with suspicious links. Hence, using Online Link Scan makes sure that your website is secure against any security attacks due to malicious links.

Google Webmaster Tool No.3- Compressor Rater

Webmaster Tool No.3- Compressor Rater

Heavy Javascript files tend to increase the load time for the web pages. In order to prevent such a situation for your website, it is recommended to compress your Javascript files using the Compressor Rater webmaster tool. Once you input the Javascript codes into the provided box, you are rendered the flexibility of choosing from a set of compressors including Dojo ShrinkSafe, Packer, JSMin and YUI Compressor. On the contrary, you may also check all the compressor options to find the Javascript compressor that suits your website in the best manner.

Google Webmaster Tool No.4- Compete

Webmaster Tool No.4- Compete

Compete is an online website analytics tool that lets you compare the traffic statistics of up to three websites at one time. You can get complete details about the count of unique visitors for the websites and how fast the websites are growing in terms of popularity.

Google Webmaster Tool No.5-YouGetSignal

Webmaster Tool No.5-YouGetSignal

YouGetSignal serves as a website that houses a wide collection of critical tools that can be used for analyzing the website as well as web hosting service provider information. Popular website analysis tools available on YouGetSignal website include WHOIS lookup tool, Visual Trace Route Tool, IP domain checker. The IP domain checker tool offers you details about all the other websites that are hosted on the same server as yours.

Google Webmaster Tool No.6-Browser Shots

Webmaster Tool No.6-Browser Shots

Browser Shots is a brilliant tool for gaining an overview of how the blogging website appears in a variety of web browsers. By gathering complete details about your blog`s appearance in a set of web browsers, you can choose to work upon improving the site`s design for a better visual feel.

Google Webmaster Tool No.7- Pingler

Webmaster Tool No.7- Pingler

Pingler is a webmaster tool that lets you make search engine crawling to your website faster and effective. So, if you have updated content on your blogging website, Pingler is the tool you can`t afford to miss.

Google Webmaster Tool No.8-Google Analytics

Webmaster Tool No.8-Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a brilliant tool that can be used for tracking traffic and visitors for a website. In addition to this, other statistics that can be viewed for the website include: top content that is viewed by readers, average readers time on your site, the bounce rates and many more.

Google Webmaster Tool No.9-WebsiteOptimization

Webmaster Tool No.9-WebsiteOptimization

WebsiteOptimization serves as the perfect tool that lets you analyze all the website components. With this tool, you can easily calculate the size of individual elements within your website and get appropriate advices on improving your website`s performance in a brilliant manner. WebsiteOptimization has come up with a brand new website speed test tool wherein you just need to enter the URL of your website and you`ll receive details such as page size, composition and download time. This new test also calculates the size of individual elements and brief details about each type of web page component.

Google Webmaster Tool No.10- CSS Compressor by CSS Drive

Webmaster Tool No.10- CSS Compressor by CSS Drive

CSS Compressor is an excellent tool by CSS Drive that allows the bloggers to compress their CSS files to the minutest and recommended dimension. The functioning of CSS Compressor is divided into two modes viz: Regular mode and Advanced Mode. While for the safe CSS compression, you may opt for the Regular mode, a better CSS Compression can be experienced via trying all the modes one by one.

Wrapping Up

Now that was a collection of 10 amazing Google webmaster tools that prove beneficial for all serious bloggers who`re looking for some interesting yet convenient ways of managing their blog. Hope you`d have found the collection good enough for selecting a tool that`s capable of meeting your blog management needs.

Thanks for reading this post. Please don`t forget to share your views/opinions on the same, using the comments box below.

Author Bio:

Sarah Parker is a creative web design expert in Designs2HTML Ltd. with vast experience in Research and development vertex of web design technologies. She use to write on different Markup conversion processes and socialize it through social media platforms. Facebook-

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