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Why you wont make a dime from your blog

To be honest with you, we all create a blogs, invest our time, energy and money with a single purpose, to earn popularity, expand our influence on the site visitors, and of course to make a money. Blogging is not an easy job, so there`s no shame expecting that it will start to generate income. The main reason why your blog will not earn you a dime, it is because we put ourselves in the center of attention, forgetting about our target audience.

We start writing articles on topics that interest ourselves, not paying enough attention to the desires and needs of our blog readers.

Before you begin to write a new article, ask yourself what kind of urgent problem you raise, the issue that concerns the readers of your blog and how you can help them in solving their problems. You need to force your readers take action after reading your article.

A good indicator of success or failure of your article, are comments that blog readers are posting. By reading these comments you can judge what kind of feelings you have awakened in your readers.

If there are no comments at all, it could be result of following reasons:
1) Your blog is still young or not popular enough to bring visitors.
2) Your blog readers are not interested in what you wrote or they did not find answers to the problems they have.

The comments such as "thank you for the excellent article or what a great article" should also concern you regarding the quality of your content or weak relation to your reader`s interests.

If you start to notice a sensible and interesting comments regarding your content then it becomes clear and positive sign that readers of your blog begin to be involved in what you are saying.

When readers of your blog will begin to trust you and see you as an authoritative person in the field only then they will start buying the digital or physical products that you recommend on blog.

I expressed my personal opinion here and would love to hear yours!

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