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The 5 Most Common Mistakes New Website Owners Make

Creating an online platform for your business is one of the most important things that you can do to ensure your success. Unfortunately, not all websites and site designs are on par with consumer expectations. If you rush through the process of
creating your website too quickly, there are a number of important factors that might get overlooked. Following are the 5 most common mistakes new website owners make and how you can avoid them.

1. Choosing A Domain Name That`s Difficult To Spell And Tough To Remember

Your domain name is the calling card for your business. This means that it should be easy to remember, easy to spell and easy to understand. In order to expedite and simplify the branding process, it is also good to choose a name that calls your services, products or business standards to mind. Failing to secure an appropriate domain name for your website can have a very significant, long-term and detrimental impact on your company and on your ability to generate sufficient site traffic for staying afloat. A lot of business owners also make the mistake of choosing domains names that do not have .com endings. Even though this can result in considerable savings upfront, it is a major and costly mistake that will limit site traffic and make the name difficult to remember.

2. Selecting The Wrong Hosting Company

Finding a good hosting service is vital to the long-term success of your website and your company. Consumers expect rapid speeds and reliability. Your pages cannot give them this if you`ve committed to substandard hosting services. The hosting experts from System 90 say it is important to look for companies that are ranked well for the following 3 factors: server uptime, fast responses when problems arise and that have a variety of ways for site owners to connect with customer services representatives when they need them.

3. Not Spending Enough On Site Design

It is certainly possible to build your own site with a basic template, but this will not allow you to incorporate any of the eye-catching features that are drawing prospects to the pages of your competitors. Most website templates have been used and reused so many times that there are countless websites across numerous industries that look nearly identical even though their services and products are nothing alike. Spending a bit more will allow you to get a visually-intriguing and intuitive site design that is both easy to use and fun to navigate.

4. Failing To Consider Alternative Viewing Devices

You should account for visibility on a broad range of devices at the inception of your site design. Look for web designers that offer feasible design packages or reasonably priced mobile design services. Make sure that people can view your pages no matter what device they are using. Taking care of this from the start can actually save you money. It is vital to note that more people are connecting with hand-held devices and using mobile apps than ever before. This should have a definite impact on how you structure your budget for online outreach.

5. Not Accounting For SEO Early In The Design Process

No matter how much search engine algorithms change, one thing will invariably remain the same: Good SEO starts from the ground up. This is another reason to hire a reputable website designer rather than trying to piece together a site on your own using templates and online learning resources. Accounting for SEO during the design process will limit your spending in this area and prime your pages for a first page rank.

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