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Avoid A Crash, Use Your Traffic Right

If you’re looking at online marketing, it’s a term you will have most certainly come in contact with before. Everyone wants to talk about your traffic, the people visiting your site and moving through it. When you first start out, it might seem like the kind of thing that’s hard to really pin down, but there’s a science to not only increase the traffic of your site but to use it to better effect. This can mean more subscribers, more customers, and a happy website owner.

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The first part to start off with is the most obvious point. You want more people visiting your site. You want them exposed to your brand. To that end, you have to think about how they’re most likely to see it. The amateur website owner will think about paying for ad campaigns first and foremost. However, these are short-lived methods that cost a lot and might see a spike in traffic but offer little change to the trend. An SEO agency, in comparison, will improve how likely your page is to appear in relevant searches. Social media presences give you the chance to tap directly into your target audience. Both these methods cost less, last longer, and improve the chances you’re reaching exactly the kind of people you want to.

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Traffic is all well and good, but you also need to have a purpose. Why do you want people to visit your site? Do you want them to spend money on your business? Do you want them to sign up to an online newsletter? Do you just want your content to be read? Whatever the purpose you need to think about the conversion rate of your traffic. This means looking at how they find your site and making sure that they’re taking the path that’s most likely to get them to do what you want. For instance, if you want to sell products first and foremost, then your site shouldn’t contain a lot of filler content and require extra links for them to get to the products you want to sell. Think about what you want from visitors and align those wants with the path they take through the site.

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That traffic isn’t just something you hope for and then act on in the moment. It provides value long after that visitor has come and gone. Most of that value is through the analytics you can perform on the site. Analytics tools allow you to see where your visitors come from, so you know where you can find your target audience and talk to them more directly. Heatmaps help you see where they’re looking and clicking on the site, so you know where you should put calls-to-action for the greatest effect. Even having a search bar on your site gives you valuable data on what the people on your site want to see. You don’t have to meet every single one of these wants, but it can give you a direction on content worth creating or products and services worth offering. The data you gain from your traffic doesn’t just help you improve your site. It can help you improve your business. If you’re serious about your website and using it as a tool for your personal brand or your business, then traffic is something you should be thinking about often. It increases your visibility, it converts visitors, and it helps you learn a lot about your audience.

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