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Make money with setting up a blog

If you have just setup your website you will find advises from every corner that you must have a really cool blog to make your site a great success and earn money too. The first and most safe option will be to create a blog and stuff it with great information on the niche market you are catering to. And, there are hundreds of monitize options that can present you huge earning potential. Google AdSense, Bitvertiser, Clicksor, sponsored reviews, affiliate marketing, etc. are some of the easiest way to earn steady and passive income with a blog. For starting a blog and to make money with it you need to follow these steps:

Identify the niche market:
You must find out the area in which you are most comfortable, be it weight loss, gardening, or pet care. Carry out a thorough research on your niche and learn the landscape. Study the blogs in your segment and observe closely to find out why they are popular. Are they offering really good informative articles? Are they uploading cool videos or offering free downloads? Do they have a newsletter? Are the comments published in the blog is really ahead of time and shows the future trend? If this is the case you have to create content in the same line. But never stop thinking out of the box. Your grasp over your niche and capability to present unique thought will go a long way to make your blogsite popular.

SEO and content
Find the right keywords and start creating the content. If you are good at writing create your own content, otherwise, take professional help. The quality of the content is of utmost importance. It should be attractive and unique. Target non-competitive keywords. There are several tools on identifying the right keywords and use them liberally.

Web hosting account for the blog
You must find out a reasonable and efficient web hosting service provider, as your blog should be reliable and responsive. Free blogging platforms are good for starting but they offer limited success. It is very difficult to get search engine listing and the platform offers no support. At times, they are unreliable and, one fine morning you may find your blog vanished along with its content and PR.

Install software to run the blog
Once you have selected the blog host it is time to install the blog software. Some of the popular software are WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Plone, etc. Most of them are easy to setup and maintain and update.

Although it needs little more skill than to set up a free blog, but the effort is worth the result. When you are planning to earn money with your blog it must have the professional features these software offer.

Start with a bang!
First impressions are always critical. Visitors must be hooked to your blogsite within first 10-20 seconds. Your site should be interesting, welcoming, engaging, and distinctive. It should have great theme. You should use the plugins to get maximum search engine traffic. Add the option of RSS support so that your readers can have the best of your content without much effort. Use polls, quizzes, and contests for your visitors.

Register your blog with top website and blog directories

Once your blog is ready with few posts and comments register with website and blog directories. You will start receiving free link and search engines will start noticing your blog. Use social medias like Digg, Stumble Upon, Netscape, and more.

Some quick tips:
• Select monetization techniques depending on the type of blog (product- or information-based).
• Display relevant ads of reputed companies. Ads providing value to the readers are always popular like one suggesting good books or videos.
• Use affiliate marketing and find out affiliate products on your niche market. Use ClickBank, which is the largest market for selling digital products.
• Put up banners and links and add some honest and objective review of the product.
• Use paid text link-based advertisements.
• Use contextual PPC advertisement with Google AdSense or Bitvertiser or Yahoo Publisher Network.
• Use dynamically embedded in-text advertising in the text content.
• Post eBay AuctionAds and use Amazon Affiliate Program.
• Add CPM Banners (banner ads) on your site.

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