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Importance of SEO articles for website and page rank

A website and its content should primarily be designed for the users and not for the search engines. Users browse through websites for unique and informative content. If the text can be optimized for the search engines without degrading its content quality, it will automatically bring web traffic and page rank.

Webmasters should concentrate on developing unique and informative content in the form of articles. The content should be presented in an interesting way. The formula that works in almost all the cases is to present the article in AIDA or attention, interest, desire, and action stages.

You must present some interesting information while beginning your article. Once you are successful in drawing the attention, offer more information to keep the reader hooked. Next, suggest some information that would kindle the desire and finally would lead them to take the action.

While developing the content use the keywords (single phrase or long-tail) judiciously. Correct choice of heading, title, use of formatting like bold and italics fonts, bulleted points, appropriate meta data, etc., can drive huge visitors to your web page. The ideal page size should be 5K to 15K.

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