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10 Tips for Running a Profitable Website

Creating your own website has become comparatively easy with so many online tutorials and tools on deigning a website. If you are not sure about your own capabilities you may take the help of a professional web designer. When you are building a website for online business it has to generate income. You should not only have a professional looking website but it should be effective in generating business for you. This requires certain considerations when you are building a commercial website. Here are 10 tips on how to make your website profitable.

1. Advertising

Once you have uploaded your website on the net you want people to know about it and the product or service you are offering. Therefore, advertising and publicity are of utmost importance. You can have word of mouth publicity but it is not very effective when it comes to business online. Pay-Per-Click is a good way of generating interest on your website. Your advertisement will bring you targeted visitors from whom you can expect to make profit.

2. Quality

Having a relevant site layout is very important for an online business. Your templates should be attractive as well as relevant to what you are selling. For example, if you are selling kids stuff you should have interesting cartoons and animations that will charm the kids as well as their parents. The next important element is the content. Quality of the content is extremely important for the success of online business. Your content should be interesting, precise and informative which will please the readers and keep them hooked. If you write a lengthy content with unrelated issues in between and if they are not organized in proper steps, the visitor will become bored and will soon drift away. As a result you could lose a valuable customer.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is another way of popularizing your website, for the search engines and for the human readers. Have enough targeted keywords in your website so that you can catch high rank in search engine page result. This will send you targeted audience to your website free of cost.

4. Be up to date

Be sure to be update your webpage frequently and offer something new for the readers regularly. If a person is visiting your page often he/she will not like to see the same content over and over. You can give incentive to the visitors like free gift with a purchase or discount coupons etc.

5. Strong networking

To build a profitable business network you have to have a strong social network presence. Make use of Twitter, Facebook, etc. to talk about your business. To build a business network you could offer free e-mail membership or RSS subscription, or newsletters. To have profit you must have a strong customer base.

6.Keep in touch

You must be in touch with your customers. You must have e-mail address of your visitors and alert them when you introduce something new. Each web page should have your contact address, your e-mail address, fax number and phone number. Your website should have the facility of being viewed offline too.

7. Feedback

Be sure to ask for a feedback from your customer and visitors. These feedbacks will give you an idea of what the customers are really looking for and any weaknesses in your website.

8. Tracking

You should track your every move right from the beginning. You should have knowledge of how many visitors you have, what is their activity when they visit, how many viewing convert into buying and so on. Keeping a history of your customers can help you to analyze the data later and to rectify your weaknesses and increase your strength.

9. Name and logo

Your business website must have a brand name and a logo as these generally impress the customers and you are perceived to be professional and ethical. When you advertise use your brand name liberally. Employ some experts in developing your brand image and establish your reputation.

10. Accessibility

Last but not the least, have a site which is easily accessible and should open quickly. Do not have too many links or too much design elements and make sure that all the links are working properly.

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