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Building user friendly website: Webmasters tip

When you are building your own website you must keep in mind that it should be user friendly. Here user friendly means that the website should be easy to read and good to look at. When you have a website of your own it is obvious that you would want maximum number of people to visit your webpage. It will be a disappointment if people avoid opening your page or they leave it quickly without reading its content. There can be several reasons like it might take too long to load or the site looks cluttered or there are too many broken links. These are the kind of things which put off a potential buyer if you have a commercial website. Here are some tips to make user friendly website.


The main aspect of the web designing is the size of the webpage. It has been often seen that web designers love to use flash to make the site attractive. Flash is needed to present animation to your site but it also makes it files quite heavy. Although, the broadband users could load it fast enough but the dial up connection user would find it very difficult to load your site. Moreover, search engine spiders will not be able to crawl it so you will lose traffic from the search engines. Instead of Flash, you may use AJAX-based techniques to introduce interactive elements in your site. In this case the page loads in parts and engages the reader in reading the page while the rest of the page is fully loaded.

Loading time

This is a very important aspect of a website. You have to accept that nobody has the time to wait forever for a website to open. The more time it takes the reader becomes bored and moves on. This way you could lose a lot of traffic. The reason can be size of your website or use of too much of animation in your web page using flash. Another reason could be too much of text and graphics could increase the size of the web page. To reduce the loading time you could compress the size of the graphics.

Broken links

Broken links often irritate the visitors and make them leave the site in frustration. Suppose a prospective buyer clicks on your site to view the product and looks for a link to view further details only to realize that the link does not open. This way you fail to translate a visit to a profit making activity. Update your web page regularly. You should use appropriate tool to check for broken links and repair it without delay.

Clear and easy to read webpage

The web page should not be unnecessarily cluttered which may not make it easy to read. Animated graphics in the background with text on it makes poor in content and look. It should be dark text on light background with your contents put in an organized manner on the page. This should be easy on the eye and the reader will find what he or she is looking for quickly.

Easy navigation

All parts your website should be easy to access and viewers should be able to find what they are looking for. Make your website user friendly for your buyers. Give an overview of your sites content so that the viewers are aware of what your site contains. Provide lots of links to reach relevant pages. Your home page should be connected to other parts of your web page. But, dont load the homepage with all information. This is because the viewers may like to view one part before the other and not necessarily in order. Therefore, you must provide a table of content and link to each separately. To reduce space consumption use text links and avoid using Java script.

Check spellings

Last but not the least is the use of spell check. Spelling errors make your site look unprofessional. It does not impress the viewers and they may not view it anticipating poor performance which may not be the case. With spelling mistakes on your site you give a poor impression of your site.

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