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Basics Of Building Your Email List Fast

Email marketing is one of the best ways to get word out to a large group of people, its effectiveness depends on how many people you can get to subscribe to your list though. The important thing to note about email marketing is that you must give people the option of choosing to receive your emails. That`s why buying a list from an email broker might not be such a good idea, as you have no way of knowing how they actually obtained the addresses. One of the best ways of building your email list fast is offering a free product in exchange for a subscription. Make sure that what you`re offering is of value to potential subscribers. You`ll want to get as many people as possible to your sign up page and submitting articles which contain a backlink is a good way of doing that.

One of the easiest ways to get a huge email list is to buy one. There are many email brokers out there who claim to have lists which number in the thousands, if not the millions. It`s very tempting to want to forego the work and just shell out the asking price, but there`s something that you have to take into consideration first. How were those emails obtained? There are legitimate services in which users allow third parties access to their email addresses. Unfortunately, it`s often difficult to tell which the genuine ones are. If the email lists were obtained illegally and you buy it and start sending out messages, you could be accused of spamming. That`s the last thing you want associated with your name.

That`s not to say that there aren`t any legal methods of building your email list fast. On the contrary, there are quite a few that do work. The key is getting people to willingly give you their email address and the only way of doing that is offering them something in return. That`s the best way to boost your email list: build a website, offer something of value on that site and then get word out about the site to as many people as possible. Let`s talk about the latter two (building a website is a whole other article by itself).

Give Away Free Reports/E-books:

This method operates on the premise that people are always interested in free stuff, and they`re always looking for information. Pick your niche right and you could see a massive explosion in your email list after just a week of marketing. There are two strategies that you can use:

1.   Opt-in To Get The Report:

Everyone has seen this at some point. You go to a site and they offer a report or free e-book in exchange for you signing up for their newsletter. This is extremely effective, but it depends upon your having something of value to offer. Your report must be such that, after reading about it, people feel that they must have it. It`s not a bad idea to submit some reviews to forums, blogs etc. so that visitors can read positive feedback if they search for the title of your report. Pretend that you`re trying to convince people to buy it and write your site copy accordingly.

2.   Use Your Backlinks In Your Report:

Used correctly, this can be a very effective method. Sometimes people may not want to sign up to get your report simply because they don`t like feeling pressured to do so. By allowing them access without having to opt-in, they`re more likely to get the report, and if the information is useful they`ll want more. That`s when it can come in handy to include a backlink to a page on your site where they can then opt in to your list. This builds trust between you and your visitors since they don`t feel as though you`re forcing them to do anything, and they can evaluate your work before choosing to go on.

Write Like You Never Have Before:

You`re not going to get people to sign up for your newsletter if they don`t want your e-book or report, and how can they want it if they don`t know about it? Yes, you`re going to have to do site marketing as part of your email marketing campaign. It`s a lot easier than most people think. Just pick a niche that you love, and hopefully one that people are interested in, and write about it. You can money-with-setting-up-a-blog style=color:Blue;text-decoration:underline;>set up a blog if you choose or complete articles to be submitted to article directories. Contribute to forums, and submit guest blog posts if possible. The point to all of this is to include a link back to your site. If you content is exciting, people will want to see what it`s all about. If you`re doubtful about your writing skills, there are many freelance job boards where you can find a writer who`ll work for a reasonable price.

If you`ve got even a few hours a day to spare, you can have an e-book and at least ten articles done and submitted in under a week. Give it another week and you`ll see your email list starting to grow. You can offer as many reports as you`d like to get more subscribers. It doesn`t get more basic than this and it`s the best way of building your email list fast.

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