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Role of XML in Web Development

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Extensible markup Language or XML plays a significant role in the present world of web development, it is perfectly useful for those who wish to make use of web technologies for distributing information across the web.

Like HTML, XML is also being used to format a document with a web browser. It is an influential and effectual tool to process a document’s contents and therefore, creating own tags is possible with XML. It gels well with any operating system and maintains a great amount of flexibility, which is very essential for the web development scenario. Check out some of the key benefits of using XML in web development.

Simplicity is the biggest advantage of using XML. Any computer can process the information and it is simple to read and comprehend. XML follows the standards of W3C and the market leaders in the software industry endorse it. Therefore, its openness is something to reckon with.

No limitation of tags XML is not limited to the fixed set of tags. Whenever it is needed, new tags can be developed.

Self-description In case of the customary databases, the data administrator sets up schemas for maintaining data records. There is no need of such definitions with XML documents as there are meta data with tags and other features. XML present a foundation for author recognition and versioning at the basic level. Any XML tag can hold numerous characteristics as in version or author.

Highly readable context information One of the biggest advantages of XML over the plain text format of HTML is its context information. Attributes, Tags, and element structure are present context information that can be utilized for interpreting the significance of content, clever data mining, agents, creating latest possibilities for extremely competent search engines, etc.

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Content is important- not how it is presented XML’s motto is to elaborate the meaning of the content and not the presentation of the same. If HTML stands for “how it appears” then XML means “what it signifies and how it should appear.” To change and control the look and feel of a document or a website created with XML, there is no need to alter the content of the document. It is possible to easily render numerous presentations or views of the similar content. XML is supportive to Unicode and multilingual documents, which is essential for betterment of the applications as per the international standard of web development.

Assists in data assessment and aggregation XML document structure is designed in such a way that the documents can be efficiently assessed and aggregated part by part. Another prolific advantage XML is its ability to feature any possible type of data. The data might range from active components such as ACTIVEX and Java applets or multimedia data such as video, image and sound.

All these features and functionalities prove that XML is more usable and beneficial in the present web development field. It has a broader scope and hence its users are rising at a rapid speed.

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