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Tips for Choosing SEO Topics that Perform the Best

Everyone wants their written content to be ``searchable``, but effectively magnetizing the search engines to obtain a steady flow of visitors is becoming harder, tracking all of the tips and tricks to optimize your topic selections has turned into a cat and mouse game, writers are constantly typing keywords into the search engines and investigating which phrases pop up to get an insight into what people are searching for before they sit down and write. Are you looking for the real SEO topic tricks that will attract the search engines and get your content noticed?

The Search Engines Are Getting Smarter

As SEO techniques are developed, recognized and utilized by millions of developers and writers, the search engines become smarter and pick up on the methods that are used to draw their attention. It is natural to think that your content will make it into the search engines if you write for a keyword or key phrase that is high in rankings. However, staying away from the routine of searching and typing and instead coming up with your own, original topics for articles is definitely going to be an attention-getter for the search engines.

Stop the Search-and-Write Technique

Think about this: how many other people are doing the same search-and-write technique? If everyone is writing about similar topics, there will be a million hits to compete with. On the other hand, if you write about an SEO topic that has not been written about ever before, when the topic is searched, your article will be the first to pop up. What can you write that someone else has not written before? This is the quality part of unique content; coming up with original ideas that someone else may be interested in, but cannot find on the internet.

Choose SEO Topics with Less Rankings

Do your research and pick a topic that has less keyword magnetism. This does sound backwards, but you need to think logically about search engines and content. Sure, everyone wants to write about the highest ranking SEO keywords, but that is not going to get you noticed. Search engines are looking for unique content as well as highly researched content. Writing about an SEO topic that gets a million hits may land you on the 99,999 page if you are lucky. If you write about something that is not covered by a million other people on the internet, but still contains information that interests people, the chances are that you will land on one of the first pages during peoples searches.

Narrow the Niche

Widely spread topics are searched every day, all day, but do not forget about the people that are seeking specific information on a daily basis as well. Instead of writing about ``the best sewing machines``, narrow the topic down to a specific type. Try ``computerized embroidery sewing machines`` rather than a wider topic to gain more strength and ranking in the search engines. As a matter of fact, the more focused your SEO topic, the better when it comes to getting hits.

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