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The Art & Science of JavaScript ($29 Value FREE For a Limited Time)
The Art & Science of JavaScript ($29 Value FREE For a Limited Time)

Six Amazing Traffic Sucking And Income Exploding Reports

  • Unreal Traffic Secrets 2011
  • $10,000 Monthly With Outsourcing
  • 20,100 per month with a highly converting Salesletter
  • Dominate China
  • Google Murdered
  • Instant Google Traffic
  • + Bonus Reports

Product One: Unreal Traffic Secrets 2011

THIS IS EPIC! Learn NEW 2011 search engine secrets that no one DARES to talk about!

"NEWS ALERT! SHOCKING, UNREAL, and EPIC Google Traffic Secrets 2011 Allows YOU To Suck In 1000s Of Visitors FAST Like An Out-Of-Control Vacuum On MONSTER Steroids!"

Master New Search Engine techniques That No One Else Is Talking About!

Whats included in Unreal Google Traffic Secrets 2011
  • A new magical way to get all of your websites indexed in Google in just a couple of hours. Takes less then 2 minutes to execute.
  • A kick ass article marketing technique i call article marketing magic that will explode the traffic to your sites. This hidden marketing principle may leave even the best article marketers in tears because they will realize the 1000s OF VISITORS THEY HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT ON! It has squat to do with keyword research, converting old articles to audio or video. Its something unknown and amazing that will give your articles more free traffic.
  • The secret to how clever article marketers get over 300,000 views to a SINGLE article!
  • The duplicate content paradox exposed: Why so many webmasters STILL have this technique backasswards, and how you can use it to build LOTS of ONE-WAY links to your sites FAST without getting sandboxed.
  • An unheard of technique that gets Google to secretly send you lots of visitors to your sites for FREE.
  • A secret way to build fast links to your new website without being sandboxed by Google!
  • How to appropriately partition your website for the search engines. This is a simple but never spoke about marketing technique that will increase the search engine traffic to your site.
  • A clever search engine traffic marketing technique that will teach you how to easily outsmart Google and get them to feed your website all of the traffic it needs until its server BURST!
  • A super fast way to collect lots of one way links to your sites with unique ips. Its fast... its simple...ts free... and it gives you more search engine traffic!
  • A no hassle way to get your website indexed in Bing within 24 hours guaranteed.
  • How to increase your website traffic in other popular search engines such as Yahoo, MSN, and Bing.
  • You`ll be shocked and amazed when you discover an advanced seo SECRET that gets you more traffic from Google by using Yahoo and MSN.
  • An ingenious method to build more traffic, links, and publicity right to your site.
  • Much much more...

Product 2: $10,000 Monthly With Outsourcing

"Learn How To Work Less, Have More Fun, Become More Popular, Oh, And Make $10,000 Monthly!"

  • How anyone can get their website marketed like a guru for JUST pennies on the dollar.
  • How to outsource ALL of your linkbuilding for the cheapest price possible! Imagine getting 100 links for $5!
  • SMART ways on how to raise capital for outsourcing.
  • The survival kit for being a world-class outsourcer.
  • How to find undiscovered marketers that will market your site efficiently for a budget that ANYONE can afford.
  • Numerous of tips on how to scale and grow your business by using the dangerous weapon of outsourcing.
  • Learn from a seasoned verteran that knows exactly how to outsource.
  • Short cut the learning curved and don`t try to figure things out on yourself but get a solid system from an outsourcing maniac, you will think yourself once you do it.

Product three: 20,100 per month with a highly converting Salesletter

"Steal my 6 sizzling benefits for violently whipping out converting salesletters like hotcakes. This is the same exact technique that I use for all of my salesletters and it makes copywriting done the EASY way!"

  • A magical method I use to turn lost customers into paying clients. I used this device on my autoresponder sequence for one of my clickbank products, and then a couple of hours later my inbox was violated with "notifications of payment received
  • The 3 simple steps I use to quickly-easily-and effectively make winning headlines.
  • How to attract prospective customers into your salesletters and how to keep them salivated while reading it....
  • How to "juice" something for all its worth. I feel that I have the copywriting skills to sell an orange for $10 to a complete stranger....I will show you how I could convince you to purchase a $10 orange in this product.
  • Why increasing this is so important in copywriting, lots of marketers try this technique but they fell miserably, its so obvious but they got it all twisted!
  • A silly method that I use that defies common sense and goes against what you were taught in copywriting courses, but strangely works for me.... (like crazy may i add).
  • Stylistic punctuation. Learn how to master these punctuation techniques so that you can add some extra "jazz" to your salesletters.
  • Lots and lots of comparisons and examples I show you to help speed up the learning curve.
  • Much much more

Product 4: Dominate China

"Make Money Online With China!"
  • Why You have to say goodbye to Google, and hello to Baidu if you want LOTS of FREE search engine traffic. The contents contained in this section will flat out SHOCK you!
  • A simple mistake that could cost your conversions to plummet while you are marketing in China. If you never marketed internationally, then this is something that you may never know about.
  • The top search engines that you need to utilize in order to BEST reach the Chinese internet audience.
  • The little discovered secrets on how to properly implement web 2.0 strategies to farther reach a Chinese audience.
  • How to get tons of publicity from the Chinese press. Every major country has their own media outlets.
  • Important data that you need to know about the competition before you market in China.
  • The common fatal mistakes that Western companies make while they are trying to expand into the Chinese market. History repeat itself, so its critical that you know this in order to avoid failure.
  • How Chinese search engines work and operate, and the major differences between them in Google. The way that they index and rank websites are night and day compared to common western search engines.
  • A couple of QUICK EDITS that you must make in order to increase your international visitors` duration on your site.
  • Much more...

Product 5: Google Murdered

"How to Score 100-200 Visitors daily From Google for FREE!"

  • The free seo tools that every webmaster should have in order to make their marketing carefree. With these you`ll clear yourself of an estimated time of 30 work hours.
  • How to instantly tell if a website has a no follow, or do dofollow tag. This is critical as Google generally doesn`t give attribution to links that use the no follow tag.
  • How to get links from websites with LOADED traffic.
  • How to quickly and easily snatch links from websites with a high pagerank.
  • How to find websites in your niche market with an excellent alexa score so
    that the links will give you lots of targeted visitors.
  • How to quickly and easily grab links from .edu and .gov sites.
  • How to INSTANTLY get lots of links! No need to trade or wait for links anymore.
  • How to get links from sites with PhD authority!
  • The big secret to getting tons of traffic with search engine marketing.
  • Much much more

Product 6: Instant Google Traffic

"Quickly And Easily Get Giant Loads Of Traffic From Google!"

  • 40 "off the wall" ways to get more free traffic to your website. Multiple of way
  • Multiple of ways to get FREE links from sites with a pagerank of 9,8, 7, 6. Ways to get indexed.
  • Ways to get indexed in Google, Yahoo!, and MSN in 24 hours.
  • Amazing ways to generate more traffic, sales, and leads to your websites.
  • How to get indexed in Bing..
  • How to fully exploit super trafficked websites that are not as heavily marketed on.
  • Hours of professional research done for you by a dedicated seasoned Internet marketer. A masterful collection of websites flowin
  • A masterful collection of websites flowing with tremendous traffic that you can legally steal.
  • Much much more

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