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Internet Marketing

One of SoftXML�s areas of expertise is Internet Marketing services. The aim of Internet Promotion Campaign is to increase the level of website popularity in the Internet among defined target audience by generating more targeted traffic.

Internet Promotion Campaign consists of various activities focused on increasing number of targeted visitors to the site. Successful Internet Promotion Campaign will increase number of leads to Client�s Company Sales department, number of email messages and phone calls to the Company office.

According to project evolution in time, we define the following Promotion Campaign stages:

  1. Negotiation
  2. Research
  3. Elaboration
  4. Change
  5. Finalization

Our experienced SEO team, backed by preparation and market research helps clients successfully go through stages of negotiation, research, elaboration, change and finalization.

Promotion campaign expected results are usually calculated and given below with corresponding importance percentages. SoftXML Web Solutions selects the team of Promotion Campaign as following: Client Representative, Client Company Staff, Contractor Sales Representative, Project Manager, Contractor Staff. All these people are making important researches to lead the Campaign to success and to cause great popularity of product, which is promoted.

Whole Promotion Campaign is combined with serious preparation, great market research and making a elaborate solutions that will create needed result.

Do not hesitate�� contact our Internet Marketing department to find out that get started with your promotion campaign is easy!

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