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Responsive E-Commerce JavaScript Shopping Cart

SoftEcartJS SoftEcartJS is a Responsive, Handlebars & JSON based, E-Commerce shopping cart written in JavaScript with built-in PayPal integration.

SoftEcartJS simplifies the buying process for customers. Following this concept of simplicity and customer behaviors, I made a shopping cart that does not require registration. For the customer its quick and easy. All the customer data such as email, address, name, ... will be sent directly from Paypal in order to proceed with the process of the payment.

SoftEcartJS is a perfect solution for medium and small shops, designed to be small, fast, powerful, yet easy to install for even the most novice web designer. Within minutes of installing the cart, you can be selling your products online. All you need to get started is an active PayPal account, the rest applications will do for you.

The application requires no third party software, all you need is a web browser.

You do not need to have advanced web hosting that supports server-side programming languages, all that is necessary for the application to work is a client-side language JavaScript and HTML. You just copy the original application files to your server and access the home page in following manner:

SoftEcartJS relies on cookies and JavaScript and therefore requires that they are enabled in browser.

SoftEcartJS will handle shipping price of product based on it's weight and country of destination.

Paypal IPN

Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is a message service that notifies you of events related to PayPal transactions. You can use IPN messages to automate back-office and administrative functions, such as fulfilling orders, tracking customers, and providing status and other transaction-related information.

We provide you with server side script (ASP) written in JavaScript that can be used in your paypal account's Instant Payment Notification Preferences section as a Notification URL handler which will handle paypal payment and send detailed order information directly to your email-inbox and insert order details into SQL Server database for further manipulation.

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