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Playing By SEO Rules

The owner of every website will want his or her website to be one of the most prominent sites on the Internet. But for that he/she has to put in some efforts. The most effective approaches will be either to take up a full-fledged SEO program or to use marketing strategies like Pay-Per-Click or style=font-size:12px;>Google AdSense. However, it has been found that Search Engine Optimization or SEO helps the web pages in earning the visibility/web traffic/conversion to a great extent. Not caring for SEO rules can only result in a web page that is obscured from the users for whom it was intended.

SEO rules have many advantages. First of all, your website becomes SEO optimized or compatible to the search engines. That means it stands a good chance of being ranked high in the search engine listings or indexing. This is turn presents a lot of benefits for your website, especially if its a business site and you are looking forward to making some revenue out of it. Your website becomes more visible in the Internet community. If you optimize your website, it will remain in the top rankings of the SEO listings for a long time, may be for some months. You do not have to pay any additional amount for its publicity. Visitors will come to know about your site from the search engine listings. This will automatically promote your website and divert huge network traffic toward you. You get a good return on investment. Adhering to the rules of the search engine, you can have a competitive edge over your contemporaries. This will enable you to make good business profits in the online markets. The advantage of having a good visibility in the online community is that your company gets a global clientele. These are some of the main benefits of playing by the SEO rules.

If you use analytical tools for identifying your user types, base, geographic location, etc., you can develop keywords that will attract the prospective clients. The design of the website and the content can be prepared keeping the requirement of the search engines and these will present you huge website traffics.

Now, if you do not play by the SEO rules, you will obviously miss out on the benefits that are stated above. Of course, you can publicize your website by using the Pay-Per-Click or AdSense but these services are expensive and may be a bit difficult for a startup company. Moreover, by not adhering to the SEO rules, your website can never bag a rank in the first page of the search engines, which has the listing of sites that are perceived to be important. By not having a favorable PageRank your website runs a high risk of being relegated to the subsequent pages of the listings, which in turn, can lead to your website being totally ignored by the surfers or your potential clients.

On the whole, playing by the SEO is a far better option when you want your website to be highly visible in the Internet community and if you are contemplating serious business opportunities from them. This depends on the purpose for which you have designed your website. On the other hand, you may not bother about SEO rules if you are running an informational site and already having a loyal customer base to your credit.

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