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SoftXML is a blog dedicated to share top quality

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with tools, technical tutorials, articles by select web professionals and scripts, covering latest news on topics like JavaScript, XML, PHP, SEO and more.

JavaScript News

changelog 投稿内容のサマリ (2021年9月下旬の内容)changelog 投稿内容のサマリ (2021年9月下旬の内容)
Gatsby 4 - More Than a Static Content GeneratorGatsby 4 - More Than a Static Content Generator
Creating Your Own Bragdoc With EleventyCreating Your Own Bragdoc With Eleventy
@supports selector()@supports selector()
Node v17.0.1 (Current)Node v17.0.1 (Current)
History of the Twilio Coding GlovesHistory of the Twilio Coding Gloves
Live Stream your Screen with Twilio LiveLive Stream your Screen with Twilio Live
Build a Livestreaming Application with Twilio Live and ExpressBuild a Livestreaming Application with Twilio Live and Express
Twilio Live is Now Generally AvailableTwilio Live is Now Generally Available
Node v16.12.0 (Current)Node v16.12.0 (Current)
Sending PUT HTTP Requests with AxiosSending PUT HTTP Requests with Axios
New Art, New Tools, and New Adventures - TwilioQuest version 3.2 Available TodayNew Art, New Tools, and New Adventures - TwilioQuest version 3.2 Available Today

Latest Blog Articles

DOM manipulation best practices
DOM manipulation best practices
When writing web pages and applications, you often have to somehow manage the structure of the document. This is usually done using the Document Object Model (DOM). We will consider some of the patterns recommended for accessing and modifying the DOM, which focus on high performance.

JavaScript Module Pattern
JavaScript Module Pattern
The Module Pattern is one of the most common design patterns used in JavaScript and for good reason. The module pattern is easy to use and creates encapsulation of our code. Modules are commonly used as singleton style objects where only one instance exists. The Module Pattern is great for services and testing/TDD.

How to start developing with the Nextjs
How to start developing with the Nextjs
Next.js is inspired by PHP and benefits from a great system of JavaScript modules, which allows us to export the components of our application, which allows us to perform individual tests for each component, as well as download thousands of components or modules from npm


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Tutorials -


stands for eXtensible Markup Language. XML is designed to transport and store data.


is important to know, and very easy to learn.

SoftEcart(js) - Responsive, Handlebars & JSON based, E-Commerce shopping cart written in JavaScript with built-in PayPal integration.

SoftXpath - Lightweight cross browser


library for querying complex XML documents using powerful Xpath expressions.

SoftXMLCMS - unique content management system for managing data in XML format. It is ideal web tool for creating complex multi-page websites in different languages.
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