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JavaScript News

Rendre son application 100 fois plus rapide avec quelques bonnes pratiques.Rendre son application 100 fois plus rapide avec quelques bonnes pratiques.
pathington - parse an object path from a string, or create one from an array of propertiespathington - parse an object path from a string, or create one from an array of properties
identitate - Custom identity functions for composabilityidentitate - Custom identity functions for composability
Making sure undefined is undefinedMaking sure undefined is undefined
Using RxJS with React.js: Part I — IntroductionUsing RxJS with React.js: Part I — Introduction
RxJS People to FollowRxJS People to Follow
The global `Reflect` object, its use cases and things to watch out forThe global `Reflect` object, its use cases and things to watch out for
jQuery nested tabs pluginjQuery nested tabs plugin
YourJS - Fully Customizable Utility LibraryYourJS - Fully Customizable Utility Library

Open Source Resources for Web Developers

The Existential Terror of Battle Royale
It's been a while since I wrote a blog post, I guess in general, but also a blog post about video games. Video games are probably the single thing most attributable to my career as a programmer, and everything else I've done professionally after that. I still feel video games...

Hacker, Hack Thyself
We've read so many sad stories about communities that were fatally compromised or destroyed due to security exploits. We took that lesson to heart when we founded the Discourse project; we endeavor to build open source software that is secure and safe for communities by default, even if there are...

WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution
Thunderbolting Your Video Card
When I wrote about The Golden Age of x86 Gaming, I implied that, in the future, it might be an interesting, albeit expensive, idea to upgrade your video card via an external Thunderbolt 3 enclosure. I'm here to report that the future is now. Yes, that's right, I paid $500...

Password Rules Are Bullshit
Of the many, many, many bad things about passwords, you know what the worst is? Password rules. If we don't solve the password problem for users in my lifetime I am gonna haunt you from beyond the grave as a ghost— Jeff Atwood...


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stands for eXtensible Markup Language. XML is designed to transport and store data.


is important to know, and very easy to learn.

SoftEcart(js) - Responsive, Handlebars & JSON based, E-Commerce shopping cart written in JavaScript with built-in PayPal integration.

SoftXpath - Lightweight cross browser


library for querying complex XML documents using powerful Xpath expressions.

SoftXMLCMS - unique content management system for managing data in XML format. It is ideal web tool for creating complex multi-page websites in different languages.
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