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ValidatorBuddy Easy and convenient XML validation with XML ValidatorBuddy . With this tool you can start to check and organize your XML files immediately after the installation.

1. Use W3C Schema, DTD, Schematron and RelaxNG validation with ease.
2. Validate even huge (multi-GB) XML files.
3. Get all validation errors at once in the XML instance.
4. Configure and run batch tasks and get a detailed results log file.
5. Sign and verify XML Digital Signatures.

The installation includes Xerces and supports other popular XML parsers.

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Visibridge VoiceXML Gateway software

Visibridge VoiceXML Gateway software helps you develop your own IVR applications without learning proprietary development tools or investing in expensive telephony hardware.

The Visibridge VoiceXML Gateway - Personal Edition lets you deploy your own single line voice portal that conforms to the VoiceXML 2.0 standard. The only hardware you need is a TAPI compatible device such as a voice modem or Dialogic card.

Requires Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 (download here) and Microsoft Script Control (download here). Simply open each file to install it.

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XML-2-MDB Converts any XML to MDB (Microsoft Access database) file. All tables will be created, including indexes and relationships between tables. Created for use as a command line tool. Imports XML elements and attributes.

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XMLwizard is a utility which can be used to load XML, CSV and flat textual files into Firebird databases. CSV is acronym for Comma Separated Values, but various forms of these files are supported (for example, TSV or Tab Separated Values), with user configurable delimiters, qualifiers and record separators.

It supports multilevel XML files with unlimited depth of nesting. Beside importing, XMLwizard has a powerful data comparer which can be used to compare the data in input file against the data in the database and show the difference in a grid. In this grid, user can cherry-pick individual rows or even fields to be inserted, updated or deleted from the database.

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